Thank you Kevin for helping us improve our water situation so we can finally drink our water again. This past summer our well water became very mucky, we were constantly cleaning the sinks and toilets. Our pipes under the house actually became corroded due to the high iron concentration. Kevin put in a filtration system and within a day we saw a noticeable difference in our water. The filtration system is easy to maintain and the maintenance cost for the salt is reasonable as well. Kevin is very knowledgeable and has the clients best interest in mind. We appreciate everything he did for us.
Joe and Amy Hunt

Recently, I needed a bathtub and shower wall installed in my rental property a few days in advance of the arrival of my new tenants. I contacted Plumbing and Water Filtration and spoke with Kevin who agreed that the time contraints presented a challenge but one that he believed he could accomplish. Not only did Kevin complete the job in record time but he also recommended the best products for my budget; thereby saving me money and ensuring durability. As it turns out, my tenants did not move in as scheduled however, the bath is “showroom ready” for future tenants.
I will definitely call upon Plumbling and Water Filtration in the future and I highly recommend Kevin’s services to anyone desiring professional, efficient, quality worksmanship at an affordable price.
PEM – Graham, North Carolina

I hired Kevin after doing some research to find a plumber to disconnect and move some plumbing for my Master Bath renovation in my home, Kevin quoted me a very reasonable rate, that was fair. He checked my pressure tank and discovered a bad bladder and quickly installed a new one. His work is very neat and clean and does the job right. After discussing my water issues concerning my pipes corroding my fixtures , I learned that Kevin also installs Filtration systems. He took a sample then did an analysis, and we agreed a filtration system would help solve my problem, I had Kevin Install a water filtration system in my garage beside my pressure tank, again very neat and clean install.
I am really pleased with you, so pleased in fact, I had Kevin install my new well pump, again fast clean and installed correctly, he looks at all issues surrounding the job at hand and makes note of issues that could possibly arise and lets you make the choice of correctly now or in the future.
I am in the real estate business, and finding good professionals to give you a fair price and do the job the right way, is a hard task.
I highly recommend Melbs Plumbing, and Kevin is the plumber to call, I keep his number on my fridge!
R.T. HUDGINS – Hudgins Commercial Investment Advisors

We are so grateful for the work Kevin and his helpers have done at our home. We purchased a whole house filtration system and described some other issues we were having with hot water and water pressure. Kevin was very patient and provided suggestions for fixing the problems, some of which had been caused by another plumber. We took advantage of his suggestions, and should see increases in both energy efficiency and hot water availability so we waste less water. He also installed a new kitchen sink and faucet for us, and they look fantastic.
Kevin and his helpers work in a timely manner and are careful to keep everything clean. When they give you an appointment time, they are here on time and ready to go. If there are problems, Kevin lets you know as soon as he knows. In addition, the price quotes are fair. Apart from unknown problems or conditions, the price does not change between the quote and the actual invoice. Kevin carefully labeled our filter system to assure we have no problem doing the required maintenance. Since my roommate and I are both physically limited in what we can do, Kevin was also very careful to position things so we would have easy access to the equipment. FInally, while Kevin is highly motivated and works hard, he remembers the importance of the small details of customer service and satisfaction. He is a kind person who appreciates the blessings he has received, and will take the time to stop and help someone while expecting nothing more than a “thank you” in return. There is no question we recommend Melbs Plumbing and will continue to use their services.
Irene Fanelli Gibsonville, NC

Kevin is the best plumber I have ever known. Thanks to the U.S. Navy, which trained me as a Damage Control Officer, I know far more about pipes, valves, fluid pressures etc. than is necessary for a homeowner. When our family bought a house in Chapel Hill this spring, I knew the plumbing needed work – not just normal repairs but also the fixing of faulty installations by the original contractor and the previous home owner. Kevin fixed everything – water filter, hot water distribution, toilet seals, odors from the drains, broken and leaking fixtures. He did it quickly, thoroughly, at a more than reasonable cost and with unfailing good humor and courtesy and tact. When you move into a house that needs work and the people in the family are starting a new job, learning a new neighborhood and dealing with all the hassles of life in a new place, having someone who keeps every appointment and faces every problem with a smile is truly a blessing. He is a special person as well as being an exceptional craftsman.
SJ – Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks Kevin for your help with our iron water problem. We appreciate your informed knowledge and expertise in analyzing and solving the problem. It was a tremendous help to us in the patient way you walked us through it all and for taking the time to explain the entire process. Thanks to your skill, training, and knowledge the installation of the filtering system was completed quickly and without any problems. Our iron water problem is solved and the water is clear again!
You definitely went above and beyond our contracted services to ensure we were satisfied customers. The thing we were most impressed with was your attention to details during the installation, particularly how you supported the drain system so as to minimize the noise during the regeneration cycle. No one wants to be waken in the middle of the night with rattling pipes! Also, thanks for the several small and extra things that you did for us without any fuss, confusion or extra cost. Lastly, we found your prices to be very competitive with all of the other companies that submitted bids on the job. Thanks again for a job excellently done and for the overall great service at a fair and reasonable cost!
Jon and Starr Fleetwood

Since building our home 4 years ago, our well-water had become quite “muddy”. Our water was such a problem that we were unable to wash white or even light laundry items without ruining them. After making several unsuccessful attempts to clean up our water issue, we called Kevin on the advice of a friend who had also used his services. Kevin installed our system 6 months ago, and we are thrilled with the results! Not only was Kevin professional and cost efficient, he delivered quality work. Kevin was recommended to us, and I would absolutely recommend him to a friend of ours.
April & Ben Huffines

We are glad Kevin installed our water system and it was the neatest installation. He gave me a quote and told me when he would be here. He did everything he said he would do in a timely manner and our water stays clear now. Also we have him come back every year to service the system and we can always count on him.
Roger and Sandy Phillips

I am a real estate agent and the vice-president of an HOA board. Kevin was recommended to me by another agent. Our HOA used Kevin to do several plumbing repairs on the condominiums that I am Vice-President of. He did a a very thorough job, using only the best materials and in a most professional manner. His price was better than others we had gotten and his repair far superior than what others had proposed. On a personal level, I had a plumbing issue at my home and called Kevin to check in to the repair. Kevin promptly responded to my call and made the repair in a matter of days (was not an emergency repair). He found issues that had not been done correctly when the work was initially done and fixed them quickly and at a very reasonable rate. I was impressed with his explanation of the issues, the thoroughness in which he did the repair and the fairness of his pricing. I have recommended Kevin to my colleagues, clients and friends. It is nice to find someone you can trust and I have found that in Kevin.
Missy Flora – Allen Tate Realty

We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you have given and continue to give over the last couple of years. You always go above and beyond to get the job done. You take care of everything and we never have to worry if it’s done right or were being over charged. You are the best.
Dwayne & Kelly

Kevin!!, I will be honest, I never thought my “muddy water ” problems could be solved as high as my iron levels were! I had tried everything,with no luck with filter kit after filter kit ….. Then I spoke with you and you helped me out so much. I was surprised at the cost compared to other companies in the area, but with that said, you can’t put a price on “clean, soft water “!!, My family has enjoyed clear bath water for the last six years!! Also I would like to thank you for your quick response to the needs and emergencies we have had at the salon!!! Thanks Melbs Plumbing!!!!
Sincerely, Aaron Silver

Melbs Plumbing was unfortunatly the third plumber we contacted to help us with our extensive repairs. (the first one cost us an arm and a leg, the second one couldnt be bothered to call us back after several attempts) We are truly thankful to have been referred to Melbs Plumbing. He showed up when he said he would, was true to his estimates and when he was working on our plumbing, he was working, not texting others or spending half the time on the phone (we have actually been charged extra time because our repairman was on the phone for 45 minutes). Melbs is the only plumber I will use!
Thanks, Eric Boyer